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General Playground Information

All playground rules are based on our need for safety and respect for each other.  We have found that safety concerns increase as greater numbers of children share the same spaces and equipment. Our goal is to keep kids safe, allow them the exercise and play they need, and help them with the social interactions that arise. The adults supervising recesses may change or adapt rules in response to any situation or activity that they consider a concern.         

No one is allowed to enter the playground area or interact with students on the playground to ensure the safety of our students at all times.  Staff member(s) on duty may request that groups of children play in specific areas.  Students need to be within sight of an adult at all times.

We go outside for recess every school day regardless of the weather unless it is extremely cold.  Please have children wear appropriate clothing and shoes for recess.  When there is snow on the ground, students must be wearing snow boots and coats to be in the snow.  In order to play in the snow, students must also wear snow pants and gloves.  Please be sure to label all belongings with your child's first and last name.